"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand.

The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."

- Alexander Graham Bell

Over time as a leader, our purpose and vision for ministry can get a little fuzzy. Focus events help you recapture the clarity and passion for seeing Awana flourish and children’s lives changed for eternity.

We all struggle with certain aspects of club ministry. These events are designed to help you have a sharper understanding of your church’s Awana ministry and target specific aspects of club you may be struggling with. They provide training and resources to help improve these aspects.

What are Focus events?

Focus events are 2-6 hour fun-filled, hands-on learning activities held various days and evenings throughout the year.


Focus events range from $0 - $20 depending on the length of the training and resources provided.

check out the registration page for specific Focus event listings, dates and cost

Possible future Focus events…

Add Heat and Spice to Your Awana Bible Lessons - Your Bible lessons being served raw or half cooked? Frozen or at room temperature? Add Heat and Spice to your teachings. Spicy openers with all the fixings, using salty reminders to "Boldly Speak and Live Out God's Word". If you ever lead large group time, don't miss this Hot and Spicy adventure!

Game Time 4D - Kids today play video games in 2D all day. How do you compete? Play games live in 4D! Games in 4D will keep them coming back by making your Game Time Distinct, Disciplined, Diverse and Dimensional.

Engaging Parents - Awana clubbers spend only 2 hours per week at Awana. That leaves 166 hours a week where they are outside Awana club, and chances are they are spending much of that time with their parents. So how can you connect with the parents of your clubbers and help them be the spiritual leaders God called them to be? How do you work together with them to spiritually mentor the kids in your club? Find out answers to these questions and more!

Raising Modern Day Josephs – Wouldn’t you like to know that the kids you work with in Awana each week could turn out like the Old Testament character Joseph, who was blessed by God because he stood with Him no matter what trial, tribulation, or temptation came his way? Well, you CAN! Come find out how to “Raise Modern Day Josephs” in the 21st century by weaving 5 Master Life Threads into your kids’ lives.

Handbook Happiness - You know your Awana clubbers are smart. They can memorize commercials and video game secrets, but they struggle with their hak Happiness for ways to make handbook time as fun as game time and learn how to motivate your clubbers to life-changing memorization!

One More - Imagine the ripple effect that can come about from “one more.” One more child in your car, one more leader investing in eternity, one more Gospel presentation, one more fun game to keep them coming back… the list goes on, and so does the eternal reward. See how your one more can ripple out into eternity!

Putting the “Disciple” in Discipline - Having a fun and exciting Awana club doesn’t mean complete chaos. Check out some simple and surprisingly FUN ways to discipline the kids in your Awana club.

Take the Scare Out of Evangelism - Is sharing the Gospel scary? Confusing? It certainly can be. But it doesn’t have to! Come find ways that will help you and your Awana kids do more evangelism. You’ll find yourself sharing the Gospel and not even realizing it. These are ideas and techniques that will help in making your club the outreach ministry it’s designed to be!

*Puggles/Cubbies Glow and Grow –
*Sparks Glow and Grow –
*T&T Glow and Grow –

*Glow and Grow Focus Events are veteran instructor-led roundtables where leaders can come share with one another, learn from one another and get help and answers to the questions and struggles they have in their clubs.

check out the registration page for specific Focus event listings, dates and cost

Focus Events