Hit The Bull's Eye for Christ
with the New Training...
"Hitting The Mark"

Hitting The Mark empowers your church to hit a mark of excellence for Christ in your Awana Club. This two and a half day training prepares you to effectively teach your own club leaders to aim for and hit the bulls eye of excellence for Christ in Awana.

It takes a team to prepare your leaders to Hit The Mark…so we're going to train your 3 person team to do just that. Your attending team of 3 will consist of a pastoral representative, your Commander, and someone who can effectively train others upon return to your church.

We believe in Hitting The Mark so much that it is required for every new Awana Club start. Existing Awana Clubs are encouraged to attend as well.

Hitting The Mark for His Kingdom is Priceless!

And for Eternity!

Hitting the Mark