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Kevin and Marietta Chewning #228
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Hey!! We're the Chewning Family

Marietta and I have been married for 11 years. We have two beautiful daughters, Anna Leigh and Samara Ruth and one handsome little boy, Thomas Asher. What a joy they are as they learn God’s word and begin applying it to their lives. We have been serving as Awana Missionaries for the past four years now.

We currently serve on the Carolina Missionary Team with six other missionary couples. We serve 132 churches in the Eastern part of North Carolina and are continually helping new churches get started with Awana Clubs that teach children, youth, and their families to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

It continually amazes us as we see how God works through these precious children and youth to share the Gospel with others around them. One example is the story of Maggie, a Sparky, at New Hope Baptist Church. As Maggie was sitting on the hospital bed she recited Mark 16:15 “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature: to her mom. Maggie told her mom that this is why she was in the hospital to share God’s word. Maggie began sharing her verses with the doctors and nurses. It is amazing how God is using Maggie to plant seeds of the gospel and to encourage her parents, hospital staff and the Awana Leaders at New Hope Baptist. Maggie is a great example of God’s great love and how He orchestrates His great plan. It is because of kids sharing with kids the Gospel and inviting them to come and be a part of the Awana Clubs that Maggie became involved . You see, her cousin invited her to Awana. It is stories like the one of Maggie that we hear from pastors of different clubs on a regular basis that makes the ministry of Awana such a joy to be a part of.

The Great Need and an Opportunity for You

Currently there are over a million children and youth between the ages of 4-14 in the state of North Carolina. There is a 95% chance of a person placing their trust in Christ during this age range. In order for us to continue to carry out this mission of reaching children, youth, and their families with the Gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him, we need for you to partner with us.

How? You may ask. We are in need of people like you to become Ministry partners with us. There are two ways that you can become a partner with us in this great mission field and that is through prayer and finances.

Pray that God will continue to open the hearts and minds of those new churches that we present the ministry to and that they will be receptive to how God will grow their church and the hears of their children, youth, and Awana leaders. Pray that God will continue to strengthen our family spiritually and physically as we carry out His great work.

We also need people like you to come along side of us and help us financially. We are faith-supported missionaries which means that we have to raise 100% of our funds from individuals like you. It is because of Ministry Partners that we are able to continue in this great mission field.

Please consider making a monthly or special gift now. Together, your gift will have an eternal impact on this great ministry.