T&T AwanaGames:

Exhilarating Fun, Eternal Focus


Church Run Events are Outreach events run by local churches and are not sanctioned by Awana Clubs International. Awana does not plan or organize these events and is not responsible for the volunteers, venue, activities, or anything else related to the preparation or conduct of each activity. This information is unofficial and is provided as a service to the local churches. More information can be obtained by contacting person listed for the event on Facebook or EasyReg signup page.

T&T AwanaGames™ pits clubs from local churches in competition at the local and state level. More than 400 T&T AwanaGames events typically take place in the U.S. each year, with numerous others held worldwide.

The event began in 1955 when four Awana clubs competed against each other in the basement of Chicago’s North Side Gospel Center. Clubbers were allowed to participate if they had completed certain requirements, including passing Bible knowledge-based tests.

T&T AwanaGames offers many benefits. Clubs develop a stronger identity and closer bonds amongst members. Kids are also motivated to attend club and complete handbook sections to qualify for their team, learning God’s Word in the process. Area churches and leaders are also able to connect with each other in an atmosphere of fellowship. Leaders are able to interact one on one with clubbers’ parents. Most importantly, the gospel is presented at each T&T AwanaGames competition, allowing unsaved family members and friends in attendance a chance to hear and respond to God’s plan of salvation, some for the first time.

AwanaGames is a win/win competition!