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T&T Gear Up Bible Quiz

Fun for Clubbers, Leaders, & Parents!


Church Run Events are Outreach events run by local churches and are not sanctioned by Awana Clubs International. Awana does not plan or organize these events and is not responsible for the volunteers, venue, activities, or anything else related to the preparation or conduct of each activity. This information is unofficial and is provided as a service to the local churches. More information can be obtained by contacting person listed for the event on Facebook or EasyReg signup page.


  • Songs – Interactive & Fun
  • Games
    • Parent/Leader vs Clubbers
    • Musical Chicken
    • Farm Animal Frenzy
    • Are You Smarter Than A T&Ter?
  • Multiple Choice Round - The Emcee asks a question & then reads a list of possible answers in a multiple-choice format. Each clubber has paddles with letters on them. The clubbers raise the appropriate paddle to display their answer.
  • Speed Round - Questions used are open-ended. The first student to respond is given a chance to answer the question.
  • Awards – Individual & Team

Gear Up! is the Scripture memory counterpart to the AwanaGames™ events. Both use the element of fun competition as a motivating factor & is open to 3rd-6th grade clubbers. Gear Up! is an opportunity for clubbers to display their knowledge of God’s Word.

Gear Up! motivates clubbers to increase their Bible knowledge & stay current in their handbooks while giving them, their parents & leaders an intense exposure to Scripture in a fun & exciting setting.

Gear Up! stimulates Scripture memorization & review. Clubbers memorize more verses, complete more handbooks & comprehend more Bible truths with the incentive of making their church’s Gear Up! team & competing for honors at the local/regional levels. As clubbers spend time preparing for this Ultimate Adventure Day, their parents are exposed to the truth of God’s Word.

*Only a sample of Gear Up! event schedule. Actual schedule may vary according to location.