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Download Quiz-in-a-Box (ZIP)

  • Quiz-in-a-Box was compiled to help you & your church/club host a fun & exciting Bible Quiz.
  • Pick & choose what will fit your church hosted event.
  • You may make any changes to these files to fit your own church/club.
  • The “Study Guides & Practice Questions” section are ESV.
    (If you use a different version, most of the questions will still apply to any version, but the definitions & verses will need to be changed.)
  • In creating questions for a quiz meet, if there will be different Quiz Versions represented, you will need to make sure that any questions asked are relevant to all versions.
  • Remember our goal is for clubbers to get God's Word deeper into their lives and for family and friends attending to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.
General Items Forms
  • Coaches Mtg NotesEmcee Instructions & Questions
  • Fun Practice Games
  • Practice Sessions Schedule
  • Rules
  • Sample Questions
  • Quiz Day Schedule
  • Scoring & Timing
  • Scripture Memory Tips
  • 7 P's of Bible Quizzing
  • Staff
  • Multiple Choice Score Card
  • Registration
  • Scoring
  • There are 34 files in 9 folders (3.05MB Zipped)
  • All will print out on 8.5" x 11" paper/card stock

Note: If you have any problems unzipping files:

  • Try unzipping on a computer with Windows 7
  • OR - use Google Chrome browser to download


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